I am Hanna Kris Ko, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in University of Cebu – Main last March 2018.

Two months after the graduation, I did a one year training from June 2018-19 under the J-1 visa program in the United States as an international Technical Project Manager at Media Genesis, Inc.

“I am certified in Google Analytics – I believe creating reports is not a one size fits all, so I continuously improve tracking valuable metrics and provide actionable measures to help improve their business goals. My belief for continuous improvement also applies to the scope of my work as a Project Manager may it be for a tool, process or practice. There is a growth within it, you are not only changing your life but you are creating an impact to the business and people around you.”

I am sharing my journey to inspire my community that dreams can come true and we are capable. Read more

I dedicate this blog to my family, friends, and mentors and to those people who inspired, motivated and supported me with my vision.

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