Have you heard about The Science of Happiness?

Do you feel guilty spending your time excessively staring on your mobile device even after working for 8 hours on your computer screen? When I get off from work, I usually prepare my dinner then sit on the couch while scrolling on my phone. I know that this habit is detrimental to my eyes especially if it will not be regulated properly. That’s where I started looking for alternatives that would take my eyes off from my phone and one of the new interests that I found was listening to a podcast.

The Science of Happiness was the first podcast that I listened and subscribed in my library and I instantly fell in love with it, and I recommend it to everyone.

The Science of Happiness Podcast

The Science of Happiness podcast is created by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. They currently have 37 episodes, and in every episode, they have a participant (they call them the “Happiness Guinea Pig”) try out and practice specific research tested activity. The participant expresses and shares their story about the experience. Then, Dacher Keltner explains the science why these practices work.

Are you ready to start?

1. Download a Podcast App and search for The Science of Happiness.

Here’s a list of podcast application for iOS and Android that you can explore other than your default podcast app.

2. You can also listen directly by visiting their website.

3. Enroll in The Science of Happiness course for free.

Do you know that The Science of Happiness is the first MOOC created by UC Berkley to teach positive psychology? You can also study the course for 8-weeks and even get a certificate (optional with a fee). You will learn science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life.

Why I recommend and like it…

These activities and practices are practical and can be applied in your daily life. You have several options that you can test and identify what works for you. These small things will help you take a short break and be more mindful and thankful.

You can practice it on your own or with a friend. You can share what you have learned with everyone. If you are a teacher or part of an organization, you can choose any activity and have it as an ice breaker or an exercise. Imagine what you can do when you spread positivity and mindfulness around you…

By the way, my favorite activity was nibbling 2 raisins one at a time for 5 minutes…

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