The Night I Got Pulled Over By Cops

I may have checked some of my bucket lists here like watching Game of Thrones Musical Concert, NBA Live and experiencing snow for the first time but getting pulled over by cops? Hmm…This gotta be the most memorable night I had up to date. 

Okay, to clarify I didn’t commit any crime. But I want to share this story. This was two days before it happened. I was in a food coma, indulging my first Thanksgiving celebration where I met heartwarming and kind people to host the night.

My First Thanksgiving Celebration

Last Saturday night we went to a friend’s house to enjoy an authentic home cooked Mexican dinner. Fast forward, they went to a club downtown and I decided to head home approximately 15 minutes’ drive. 

Now, as I was driving and almost 5 minutes away from home, I didn’t know that I was already followed by two police cars. I noticed there were sirens behind me, I was clueless that they were tailing on me and signaling to stop. I only came to a full stop because the traffic lights turned red. It took me a while to realize. (Facepalm)

Then the police officer approached and knocked through the window asking me why I didn’t stop. But believe me, during that time I was the calmest I’ve ever been. He commanded me to step out of the car and I handed him the car keys, registration, and insurance. I performed sobriety tests and blew in a breathalyzer. It felt like I was in the movies. Whew! 

I sat inside the police mobile car and passed the test. Good news, I didn’t go to jail, but I got a ticket for not turning my headlights on. Then the two police officer offered me a ride home. 


Don’t forget to turn on your headlights. Be responsible and presence of mind on the road is very important. 

One thought on “The Night I Got Pulled Over By Cops

  1. My gosh ako ana maluspad na sa kahadlok ug e pull over the police. Thanks you are safe. Lesson learned, before pressing the accelerator to go check everything, seat belt on, lights on, check on gas gauge then off you go.


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